WADGA Standing Rules

    1. District Representatives:
      1. The District Representative from each club shall preferably be a playing member of District.
      2. The District Representatives are expected to attend two (2) meetings, spring and fall. If there is a change in a club’s representative, the incoming representative should accompany the outgoing representative at the fall meeting.
      3. The District Representative of the current year or her designated proxy will be the voting member.
      4. Starting in 2022, WADGA will adopt a policy where individual players will be responsible to post their own scores. District Representatives will be responsible for making sure all of their members’ WADGA scores are posted as tournament scores, by following up on the GHIN App.
      5. Annual dues and rosters are to be received by the District Secretary no later than the date of the Spring Representatives Meeting. A new member to WADGA may join after that date to allow her time to meet the handicap requirements. After the Spring Representatives Meeting occurs, dues that have been paid will not be reimbursed, prorated, or applied to the following year.
      6. District Representatives are to submit to the Tournament Chairwoman a list of players scheduled for an event sometime between 3-5 days before the event, but no later than 5pm three days before. With the World Handicap System, we will now use the actual handicaps from the same day for everyone as provided by the host pro shop.
      7. The fee for weekly play will be established at the Spring meeting. However, the Host Representative will be responsible for notifying all District Representatives if the cost of play differs for that event, no later than a week prior to hosted event.
    2. Handicaps:
      1. The maximum USGA handicap-index (“HI”) for members is 28.0. The qualifying HI shall be established by using the April 1st revision as the first date of eligibility and the May 1st revision as the final date of eligibility. A new member, to the club or to WADGA, may join when she establishes a 28.0 or below HI.
      2. A previous WADGA member, whose HI is above 28.0 on May 1st, but would like to continue to be a member, may request an extension until June 1st in an attempt to lower her HI. The request should be made to her District Representative by May 1st if possible.
        1. A Legacy member must have been a WADGA member for at least 10 years and will be given the maximum 28.0 HI during any competition. They will be eligible to remain a Legacy Member until their HI exceeds 32.0.
      3. A member whose HI index goes above 28.0 during the year may continue to compete at a 28.0 handicap.
      4. HIs for all events and Tournaments shall be determined by the most recent HI as provided by the World Handicap System using the same day for everyone, two or three days prior to the event according to the Host Pro’s discretion.
    3. Rules:
      1. USGA rules govern all play.
      2. Local rules are to be announced before play and/or printed and distributed before the start of play.
      3. All WADGA regular and championship scoring for all flights will be as follows: 1st Low Gross THEN 1st Low Net THEN 2nd Low Gross THEN 2nd Low Net THEN 3rd Low Gross THEN 3rd Low Net etc.
      4. Rules Committee for day of play shall consist of Host Pro, District President, District Vice President, and District Tournament Chairwoman.
      5. There is a two (2) stroke penalty for those players who played one hole out of order. If the second hole is played, it is a disqualification for those players.
    4. Weather:
      1. In case of inclement weather, you must show up at the host club unless you are notified either by phone, email or text message advising the play has been cancelled. If inclement weather occurs during the tournament play, play will be suspended for up to 1 hour at which time the tournament will either continue or be cancelled.
    5. Slow Play:
      1. In an effort to speed up play, please play “ready golf” safely from tee to green. A player will be subject to a penalty if she delays play or contributes to causing her group to delay. A group that is out of position and behind the established pace of play will be warned once by an official. In order to be out of position, the players must be in violation of one of the following:
        1. When the following group reaches the tee of a par 3 and the preceding group has cleared the next tee.
        2. When the green on a par 4 is clear and the following group has not left the tee.
        3. When a group on a par 5 has reached the putting surface and the following group has not left the tee. When a group continues to be out of position and behind the “time par”, the group will be timed under the following guidelines.
      1. 40 SECONDS is the time allotted for each shot for a player. Ten seconds extra is permitted for the first to play on par 3’s, first to hit shots on par 4’s and 5’s and the first to play on or near the green.
        Violations: One bad time Warning
        Two bad times One Shot Penalty
        Three bad times Two Shot Penalty
        Four bad times Disqualification
    1. Score Cards:
      1. Each player is responsible to turn in her signed and attested scorecard immediately after the completion of play. If a signed and attested scorecard is not turned in, the player shall be disqualified.
      2. If a situation arises where two players cannot resolve a disagreement about scoring, it must be brought to the attention of the Tournament Chairperson and the President immediately upon completion of play. If the scorecard is not signed by the attestor, the scorecard will not be accepted and the player disqualified.
    2. Championship:
      1. District Championship will be a 3/2-day stroke play event. The Host Club will not be scheduled to host District play the preceding nor the following year.
      2. Playoff for Championship Tournament:
        1. Low Gross: Ties are broken by a sudden death play-off for 1st place for all flights which will begin immediately following the final round of the tournament. All other gross ties are broken with a scorecard play-off by comparing the combined score of the last nine holes, then the last six holes, then the last three holes and then the last hole.
        2. Low Net: Ties are broken with a scorecard play-off as follows. Gross score for the last nine holes minus ½ handicap; if still tied, gross score for the last six holes minus 1/3 handicap; if still tied, gross score for the three holes minus 1/6 handicap; if still tied, gross score for the 18th hole minus 1/8 handicap.
      3. Championship prizes will be based on a point system. The points will be converted to dollar amounts and certificates to member clubs issued. Commemorative gifts will be presented to the champion and runner-up and all other first places.
    3. Caddies and Carts:
      1. Upon request of an entrant, caddies (if available) will be provided by the Host Club. A competitor may not bring her own caddie.
      2. Carts will be shared only with another competitor.
    4. Cancellations:
      1. Regular Play Day events, including Opening Day and Closing Day:
        1. Any player who needs to cancel should do so by three days prior to the Play Day. It is the player’s responsibility to call the Host District Representative and/or Host Pro Shop. You should also call your District Representative. If the cancellation is after noon, three days prior to the Play Day, the player may still be responsible for the cost of the luncheon. If you do not cancel before this deadline, by calling the Hosting Representative and/or Pro Shop, you will be assessed a two (2) stroke penalty on the next entered regular Play Day event. Exception: No two (2) stroke penalties will be assessed to Opening or Closing Day team events.
        2. For a “no show” on the day of play, you will be charged the full event price and a two (2) stroke penalty assessed on the next entered Play Day. Automatic penalties will be assessed unless the player notifies the Tournament Chairwoman requesting consideration of special circumstances. This must be done within three (3) days of the missed Play Day.
      2. Championship:
        1. Cancellation must be received by the Host District Representative and/or Host Pro Shop two (2) days prior to the first round.
        2. Late cancellation will result in the player being responsible for their cost of the closing luncheon.
        3. For a “no show” or withdrawal during Championship, the player will be disqualified. The player will be responsible for the 3 or 2 day cost of play and the closing luncheon.
    5. Awards for Regular Friday Individual Events:
      1. For individual Play Days, winners will receive points which will be compiled throughout the season. Certificates will be awarded on Closing Day which can be redeemed for merchandise at their Club Pro Shop.
    6. Guests:
      1. Qualifying WADGA members may invite guests to play in regular Play Day events only, not Team Events. Any member is permitted to bring as many guests during the season as she wishes. Guests must be a full member of a member club and each guest is only permitted to play once per season. The guest fee to participate will be the current event rate for that day plus the applicable beverage rate. Guests will not be entered into the competition for that day and will not be eligible for any awards presented.
    7. Cell Phones:
      1. Players are to silence and NOT use their cell phones for conversations and texting during play.
    8. Distance Measuring Devices:
      1. Distance measuring devices are allowed during play. It is your equipment and the sharing of it is at your discretion. A player may use a device that contains prohibited functions (examples listed below) provided these specific functions are not accessed by the player during the stipulated round. Such prohibited functions include, but are not limited to:
        • The gauging or measuring of slope;
        • The gauging or measuring of other conditions that might affect play (e.g., wind speed or direction);
        • The gauging or measuring of a player’s physical or mental state, such as heart rate;
        • Recommendations that might assist the player in making a stroke or in her play (e. g. club selection, type of shot to be played, green reading or any other advice related matter; or calculating the effective distance between two points based on elevation changes or other conditions affecting that distance.)
    9. Payment by Check or Cash:
      1. Each player must pay for all WADGA events by check (made payable to the Host Club) or cash at registration.  The WADGA players will be notified of the amount due each week by their District Representative prior to the day of play.

Revised May 12, 2023